dcalc(1) - a simple curses based RPM calculator for Unix.


1. Introduction

dcalc(1) is a (fairly) portable, character based implementation of a Reverse Polish Notation calculator as popularised by Hewlett-Packard. I wrote it because I thought it stupid to sit at a $100,000 computer whirring away at X Mips and Y Mflops (or even at my home PC) and yet still need to rumage about for a physical calculator to work out my mortgage or Hex to decimal conversions (yes, I know about 'dc' and 'bc' but who wants to use them? Who CAN use them?) Oh yes, I nearly forgot - I hate calculators (or calculator programs) with an '=' sign on them.

Who is it designed for?

Anyone who likes RPN/stack calculators and needs statistic, scientific, financial and number-base conversion functions.

I had a lot of fun building dcalc, but I am not so keen on documentation so I won't try to explain the workings of RPN. Look elsewhere!!

I have a PC-DOS version of this too - if you want it let me know (the source won't do you much good as it needs ancient compilers and libraries - no such thing as forward compatibility on that platform.

2. Screenshot

Maybe it's old and clunky but I still use it! In fact I created a GUI version a few years ago using Openview but preferred the speed of the curses version. Maybe I'll convert it to GTK+ one day.

3. Version history

4. Download

It's probably best (if using Netscape) to do a right-click and then "Save Link As..." on these:

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