Automating fvwm2 configuration

1. Introduction

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fvwm2 is a wonderfully configurable window manager for those able and willing to read the manual(s) and to spend hours pouring over the intricacies. Over the years, I've done just that, and I have also gathered, assimilated and adapted others' work to produce something which, even now, I prefer over gnome/KDE/xfce4. The result is an extremely usable, fast, (fairly) lightweight desktop which works the way I want it to. I present the result here in the hope that it might be useful to others - please drop me a line ( if you use it - otherwise, if I'm deafened by the silence, I might not bother keeping it up to date.

A word of warning to those new to fvwm2 - there's no GUI configuration utility (although some of the minor features are configurable through menus in the present scheme). For example, it would be really nice if there were an interactive tool to play with and fine-tune the colours and fonts. But if you really prefer, want or need a window manager that is easy to configure using "point and click" methods then I respectfully suggest you look elsewhere - gnome/metacity is pretty good (though not _quite_ what I want) and I hear that KDE is very popular. fvwm2 is (and probably always will be) for demon tweakers who like to use an editor and fine-tune the hell out of it, and then run it without needing a 3-GHz/2-Gbyte machine.

Having said that, this configuration for fvwm2 aims to be pretty well ready-to-go in a very usable way and if all you want to do is change minor details then you can probably restrict your messing around to one file - .fvwm/$(hostname)/$(hostname).m4

Assuming you're still with me, here are some notes on this configuration of fvwm2:

2. Features & benefits

3. Dependencies

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5. Changes

6. Installation

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