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backup-copy(1) is my backup script. It allows me to save a snapshot of my filesystem every day (or every minute, if I wanted to) with the complete tree of files saved every time - all at a cost of not more than about 2Mb/backup. The backup is mirrored on another file system, either local or remote (using ssh(1)). The backup directory looks like this:


In other words, one directory per backup named with the date and time of the backup. This is done with rsync(1)'s wonderful ability to hard-link across directory trees - each file in each directory is hard-linked to the same file in the prior directory. Only files that have changed actually get a new file saved there.

The result is a tree of backups which are all copies of the source files at the time of backup - but only the changes 'cost' me in disc space and network bandwidth.

Some consequences:

Usage (in lieu of a man page!!)

backup-copy(1) needs an init file to direct the backup. The sample here .backup-copy.sample should give you an idea what to do.

Remote backups

To use a remote destination just use the usual ssh(1) syntax eg surfers:/var. It's generally a good idea to push your ssh key to the remote machine otherwise you have to constantly provide a password - and you can't do that in unattended jobs eg in a crontab(1) job.