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What is it?

gjots2(1) is a simple jotter application for your desktop - an outline processor.

You can use gjots2(1) to organise your jottings into a tree structure, adding thoughts and miscellany as you go. You can get it to spit out HTML, XML, postscript, pdf, man etc etc (see the online manual for an example of the HTML conversion).

You can use it to "mind-map" your compositions - write down all your thoughts and then start organising them into a tree. By manipulating the tree you can easily reorder your thoughts and structure them appropriately.

I use it for all my notes on Unix, my personal bits and pieces, recipes and even PINs and passwords. I also use it to write DOCBOOK XML documents.

gjots2(1) supports the use of ccrypt(1), gpg(1) and openssl(1) to encrypt and decrypt files. Just make sure the encryption packages that you want to use are installed as they are not all a standard part of all Linux distributions.

gjots2(1) is written under the GNU Copyleft GPL so please note the terms and conditions under the license section of the manual. Broadly speaking the program is free of charge and free of restrictions on what you can do with it, except restrict it - in other words, it's liberated or 'libre' as well as free as in free beer, but that's much less important.

Since version 3.1.0, gjots2(1) is implemented in Python3 and PyGObject for GTK-3.

Since version 3.0.0, gjots2(1) is implemented in Python2 and PyGObject for GTK-3.

Since version 2.0.0, gjots2(1) is implemented in Python2 and pygtk for GTK-2.

Internationalisation and Localisation

French, Russian, Italian, Czech, Norwegian, Spanish, Slovenian and German versions are complete.

Chinese (Traditional) version was created by the Distance Learning Center at the Chinese Culture University Open Source Software for School project.

Translators interested in localising gjots2 for languages other than English are invited to contact the author.

Anyone for Japanese?

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