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Here are some tiny but useful databases I used to carry around on the Psion and have now converted to gjots(1) format. If you have databases (preferably in gjots(1) format!) that might be of general use, send them to me and I'll post them here.

This tables includes the gjots(1) format for download as well as an html version for browsing.

Principal events of the 20th century 20th-century.gjots 122032 bytes
A quick reference for the c language c.gjots 48706 bytes
Maths and engineering equations & constants engmaths.gjots 8452 bytes
Emergency first aid first-aid.gjots 81136 bytes
Meaning of commonly used latin words latin.gjots 5969 bytes
Famous last words quotes.gjots 177222 bytes
Don't poison yourself with these recipes1.gjots 229001 bytes
A travel quick reference travel.gjots 166599 bytes
The CIA world database summarised (1998) world98.gjots 121371 bytes

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