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Here are some (unsolicited!) comments from users of dCalc. I hope you don't mind me putting them here ...

Dcalc 1.11 is again great ... Rainer, Austria, 12 Mar 2001

Keep up the great work! I love dCalc... I use it every day!!! Todd, USA, 10 Mar 2001

Convert function is a convenient feature and I like the option to plot up to three graphs...Thank you for this fine piece of software. Stephan, China, 21 Feb 2001

I'm pleased with dCalc - it actually calculates more quickly than (and just as accurately as) my trusty HP12c. Peter, Austria, 18 Feb 2001

I'm really impressed by dcalc. Thomas, Germany, 16 Feb 2001

thank you for the code and thank you for 1.9 version with French AZERTY keyboard support which is great !!! Thierry, France, 10 Jan 2001

As I'm a HP-user from the very early beginning I have a HP35 which is still working fine, and a HP41C I'm happy to have the "HP environment" on my Psion5mxPro. Bernd, Germany, 29 Dec 2000

Been looking for a decent RPN calculator for my 5MX. Yours definitely is on the right track. I presently use a HP42S as do many of my colleagues. Nick, S Africa, 27 Aug 2000

I am a long time user of HP 28S and find your RPN calculator emulator really useful on my Psion 5mx Jean-Yves, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, 20 Nov 2000

very nice to have a calculator on the Series 5 that looks and feels like my trusty HP11c Rod, Universty of Sheffield, UK

one of the best implementations of the HP RPN calculator I have come across, congratulations Kevin, Australia

As an Economist, I find your dCalc extremely useful...it runs really well on my Ericsson MC218 Pedro, Portugal, 6 Jun 2000

See also a review in RevoWorld Magazine

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