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Dear Fellow Psioneers,

With all software there is a cycle of invention, research, development, support and obsolescance and it is now time to think about the latter for dCalc. With the hardware becoming hard to find and the number of registrations for dCalc stable at about 200 (and with my own Psion-5 broken!) I must draw a line and announce that I will no longer be able to develop the program.

That is the bad news, but I also have some (hopefully) good news. To repay my debt of gratitude to all of you who have supported this project and who have provided me with encouragement, bug reports and (sometimes) admonishments, I am now releasing the source code to the community. This will achieve a couple of things, namely:

  • provide you all with the ultimate customisation tool and with the ability to support yourselves
  • create an opportunity for others to build on what I have done
  • keep the RPN-way alive on the Psion for as long as possible
  • prevent this little piece of my life-work from dying completely, at least for a little longer

Here's how it will work. The source code is available here. The licence I have chosen for the source code release is the GNU CopyLeft GPL which essentially allows anyone to copy and redistribute the source code itself and any modifications and binaries created from it provided the source code is made available (including any modifications) and the same licence terms are applied, ie the GPL. It's very simple in principle and the licence terms are explained in full detail in the file COPYING.

I will continue to provide the binaries for people who want to avoid the hassle of compiling it all up but I don't mind at all if someone else wants to duplicate or take over this work and provide binaries somewhere else. I simply request the courtesy of being informed. The initial binaries are the 2.02 release and they, of course, come with the nag screen for non-registrants. If and when substantial changes are made to the source I may decide to re-create binaries with or without the nag screen. Frankly, the number of new registrations has dropped to a level where there is really no point in nagging new users into registration and I will in all likelihood just post a nag-free version once I get the time.

Update 2nd Mar 2003. On second thoughts, it is a lot easier to post a free key here and this will work with the existing binary:

Free License

Don't forget that the daily currency download file, is available:



Dec 21st 2002

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