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Why write an RPN calculator for the Psion?

Well, I needed one myself - I've been using HP calculators since the late '70s and I'll be blowed if I'll use anything else. But the Psion is just so good (excepting the built-in calculator) that I carry it around with me everywhere. Of course, the good old HP-11C/12C/16C calculators are almost collectors items now, too precious to carry.

I tried several RPN calculators for the Psion but they were either too simple (not enough functions) or too hard to use (too different to a normal HP calculator). So I decided to write one.

Having written the thing for myself I thought I'd see if anyone else could use it - so here we are. No, it hasn't made me rich - the registrations have just about paid for my Psion - but the thing that has kept me at it has really been the users. It seems that a preference for RPN calculators is also an indicator of niceness!!

Over the last 18 months or so I've worked hard to make dCalc:

  • easy to see - big clunky keys and display
  • easy to use - a full set of stack manipulation keys, just like a real HP
  • Psion-standard - you can Cut and Paste numbers to and from other applications; shortcut keys work as you might expect
  • full functions - well there's always more I could add - let me know what you want for the next version

I hope you like it!

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