dCalc - a graphical RPN calculator for Psion/Revo/EPOC


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  1. dCalc comes as a ZIP file which can be unpacked on a PC or on the Psion using one of the many unzip programs available. The ZIP file contains a SIS file which must be transferred to the Psion and then installed using the Add/Remove control panel. If you don't have this control panel yet, you can download it.

  2. dCalc from version 2.00 has separate zip files for each supported language so that we don't waste space on the Psion with other languages. Make sure you get the appropriate language version.

  3. Once the SIS file is on your Series 5, highlight it and press enter. The program will be automatically installed.

  4. You are now ready to run dCalc Its icon should appear on the 'Extras' bar. Please read the Help file before you use the program.

Note: There is an html version of the manual included in the ZIP file and on this site. It is not installed on the Psion but you might find it useful, for example for easier viewing on a PC.

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